All from one hand:
From the beginning, ie from your inquiry to the installation, we reliably handle every detail in accordance
with your requirements. Contact us!
In future, we will not only serve the southern district of Thuringia, but will also align our sensors with the
infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn, from which you will benefit.


Limestone products:

- Blockstones / boulders

- Raw stones 0/X

- Pre-screen material 0/16 mm, 0/32 mm, 0/45 mm, 0/56 mm

- Frost-proof material 0/32 mm, 0/45 mm, 0/56 mm 

- Road chips 4/8 mm

- Aggregates 16/32 mm, 32/45mm, 45/56 mm

- Crushed sand 0/4 mm 

- Natural sand, red 0/2 mm


Reception of soil and concrete     Z0 uncontaminated